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With a decade of original productions under their belt, including multiple renditions of the famed DJ Kicks series, and a host of LP’s and EP’s released across esteemed House labels (including their own), this Boston duo have been steadily preparing for this seminal moment. Locked and loaded for the 93rd edition of the fabric live mix series, the two span across an unconventional mix of house, funk, disco, and hip-hop, blending genres the way they’ve so famously become known for. In paradoxical form, Soul Clap harness high energy selections but keep the reigns tight making for an exhilarating journey clocking in at just over one hour. Soul Clap will be playing alongside No Regular Play, Scott Grooves, Terry Francis, Egyptian Lover + MORE on Saturday April 13th at fabric London to celebrate fabric93. You can purchase Soul Clap’s fabric93 mix HERE! Read below on what this mix means to the duo in their own words:

“It’s a huge honor to do a fabric mix and we wanted to make it special, and paint a picture of our eclectic musical world, but stay rooted in house music. We have so many memories at fabric and this mix represents the music that we play there, faster tempo, more electronic drums, deep and trippy sounds. But we still believe that mixes should be appropriate to listen to at home, on your headphones, or at an afterparty getting silly with friends; energetic, but always gentle.”


Hello March! The big kickoff month always brings excitement to the scene – a barrage of big releases, the coming of spring, and the festival circuit gets its gears in motion. To get it all started, San Diego’s CRSSD Festival strikes first this weekend, boasting an incredible lineup of some of the best in underground dance music. This bite sized festival has quickly become one of our favorites because of the carefully curated artists, both live and DJ (not to mention the beautiful crowd and southern California weather.)

Now, one look at the lineup and it goes without saying that the populace will be frothing to get front and center for big guns like Flume and Duke Dumont – but whats more important and our pleasure is letting you in on the sleepers who are not to be missed (with audio to prove it)

Moon Boots
Point Point
Wax Motif

Dusky (live)


Rhondavous 2-10


If you’ve been to a Rhonda party in LA, you know what you’re in for.  For those unaware, you’re in for a night of huge tunes & polysexual hijinks.

“Rhonda pulls out all the stops for its bashes at Union—their last party at the Mid-City club saw DJ Harvey DJing a packed main room in a gimp outfit. Their Valentine’s Day ‘Lovers’ Ball’ features Project Pablo, Tom Trago, and Kindness, and it’s safe to say Cupid would be pleased with a bill featuring DJ Deeon.”

Views from Rhondavous’ previous:

Some GDD highlight acts you won’t want to miss are Project Pablo, Tom Trago, Kindness, Subb-an & DJ Deeon. You won’t be disappointed.

Hosted at the multiroom/multilevel Union club on Pico, there will be tons of space to explore.  Grab some pals, leave your inhibitions at home, and grab a ticket to one of the hottest shows in Los Angeles.


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The Exceeder phenom Mason has been on a tear lately with a revival in house cuts, and his first release for 2017 is no substitute. He’s teamed up with our favorite Aussie gang from Sweat It Out to bring you his Everybody EP on their sub-imprint Club Sweat. Here’s what the boys had to say about the tunes and the dude himself:

“He’s one of our regulars.”
Joe The Bar Tender – said about Tom, a guy seen often at the bar.

“See him out here all the time. He’s a local.”
Sarah The Surfer – said about Jason, a guy that surfs at her local break..

“She’s here all the time.”
Grace The Fruiterer – said about Jacky, a girl that buys fruit from her all the time.

“He’s at the top nearly all the time.”
Johnny The Beatport Dude – said about MASON.

NOW – while these all may be hypothetical statements based on imagined conversations rather than actual conversations, imagination can often be based on truth and for sure, our boy MASON, Holland’s sweatiest export, is what one might call a Beatport chart hustler, a guy that hits that Top 100 on the reg – a guy that makes tunes as well as Germany makes cars, a guy that’s had number ones and countless top 10s and top 100’s – a guy that has an EP right here, right now, on our beloved CLUB SWEAT.

so….without further adieu.
Here are two little puppies that will no doubt be doing what he does…….Johnny The Beatport Dude – u know what we mean.

Mason on


Our buds over at Main Course kick off the new year with SNACKS 17, a massive compilation from some of the best rising talent in the scene. Packed with everything that’ll hit from your house to the club to the rave, it’s weapon ready across the board. We we’re happy to get the green light on premiering LA native Chris Bushnell‘s lead off track “Whistler”, and believe us – it gets things pumping real quick. We caught up with the man himself, who filled us in on how the song came to be:

My style is tough to define. I like that. Whistler’s just another example of this. I started the track in a Chicago airport after sleeping through boarding and missing my flight. Seven failed stand-by attempts later, and I’m wonk-ing the fuck out in an empty delta terminal with blood coming out of my ears…

The question is “how would you describe the song”… It’s wonky. It’s energetic. It’s unstable at points. It’s purposely basic. The vocal is borderline dumb, and to many, the drop sounds out of key… I’m cool with all of these because whatever you wanna call it, it sounded different and got me moving. That’s all I really care about. So enjoy this one and the rest of SNACKS 17.

Listen and grab the (week-long) FREE DOWNLOAD below!

Pick up the full Main Course SNACKS 17 compilation on all DSPs:
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Chris Bushnell on

Main Course on

got my love

We all deserve to feel good in 2017 & feel good master Sam Padrul has this year’s perfect kick off to the new year.  His new track, “Got My Love”, features vocals from Lyon Hart & the combo deliver the perfect mixture of power Pop + throwback Disco to get those feel good juices flowing.

Available to buy and stream on Spotify soon!

Sam Padrul

Lyon Hart

Artwork by Michael Dorner


All Day I Dream, Lee Burridge‘s world-renowned label and event brand, will be touching down in Los Angeles on New Year’s Day to kick off 2017 with yet another vibe-driven revelrous affair, which has become tradition after four years of the holiday event in the west coast music haven. With a new outdoor venue, Chinatown’s Gin Ling Way, and a signature lineup, featuring Russian favorites, Gorje Hewek & Izhevski, New York’s Hoj, and the masterful artist and impresario himself, Lee Burridge, the event is set to be an intentional and inspiring experience that is a must for dance music lovers looking to rejuvenate their mind, body, and soul for the next 365 days. It seems that many of us are on the same page as pre-sales have already sold-out, but there will be a limited amount of tickets sold at the door.

Get ready for All (New Year’s) Day I Dream with our 5 favorite All Day I Dream releases this year below. We’ll see you there!

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21-year-old Swedish producer Kasbo has been building a steady fanbase with non-stop remixes this year leading into his recent single “Call”. He’s doing a very exclusive run of 2 US dates over the New Year weekend including a stop at SnowGlobe music festival in Lake Tahoe, California and to celebrate, he’s shared his first mix ever. The 40 minute collection of tracks features some of his favorite tracks right now and a majority of his own originals and remixes including an unreleased original to finish it off!

Catch Kasbo in the US over the holidays:

SnowGlobe Music Festival – Lake Tahoe, CA | 12/29
Decadence Music Festival – Denver, CO | 12/30

Kasbo on

Snowglobe Music Festival
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(Pictured: Dixon with Phonon SMB-02’s)

Whether you’re a casual music listener, professional producer/DJ, or audiophile, you probably hold headphones as one of your most essential items in life. Regardless of whatever type of headphone user you may be, we can all agree that sound quality is of the utmost importance, in addition to build quality for a lasting product. Over the past 5 years, Japan’s Phonon has offered headphones that have been created with those ideals at the forefront of their development. When top professional veteran audiophiles joined with Isao Kumano, a highly respected sound and mastering engineer, Alex Prat aka DJ Alex from Tokyo, Kumano’s partner in the music production team Tokyo Black Star, and Yusuke Uchiyama aka no milk, a producer and audio technician, the Phonon brand was born in an effort to truly convey music’s imagination.

Phonon’s innovative and professional equipment, such as their flagship headphones, the SMB-02 and 4000 models, did not come easy, as the development and production has taken decades of research, dedication, and high-level experience in the audio field and industry. It’s clear that their efforts are greatly appreciated and worthwhile with artists like Dixon, Âme, John Digweed, Jeff Mills, DJ Harvey, Laurent Garnier, John Talabot, Gerd Janson, and more supporting their headphones.

We were given the opportunity to give the SMB-02 and 4000 models a test drive, and we’ve been thoroughly impressed to say the least. Read on for why exactly we now prefer Phonon for studio and DJ use, and see how you can get 10% off of your order, just in time for the holidays.

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Today we have the honor of premiering a titanic tune from Italian duos NiCe7 and Dirty Channels for the revered Crosstown Rebels imprint. With scintillating acid undertones and a bongo backbone, “Juno” warps and evolves into a full fledged anthem adding and subtracting layers of vocal samples and analog drum machines to bring the track to a head. Be on the lookout for the full release of their joint “Feelings EP” as it’s released on December 9th via Crosstown Rebels. You can pre-order the EP HERE!